It is our goal at PCIPDX to evolve humanity forward by empowering people to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential–to be all you dream of being.

Creative awareness, purposeful intent, service, and transformation, are keys to leading an engaged and fulfilling life.

PCIPDX believes that living your dream life is an aspiration instilled within each and every one of us. Most of us just need to be encouraged to unleash that potential. By letting go of limiting beliefs that are hindering us from pursuing our dreams, we find an empowered mindset that unlocks a life rich with potential and bursting with possibilities.

PCIPDX’s focus is aimed at the importance of positive thinking, clear intent, serving with integrity, gratitude for all, taking responsibility for our words and actions, and creating a world where everyone is empowered to assist the planet in it’s creative evolution.



PCIPDX’s mission can be distilled into three words:



3 Keys to BE all You can BE and your creative life:


 starts with loving all aspects of self; can’t give what you don’t have. Can’t love anything more than you love yourself.  Through awareness, you begin the mastery of Love.


starts with serving self from a heart centered place. Once your service is from Love; you can be of service to the greater good. When service is with intent, you receive and are served, with gratitude.


starts with hearing your own Heart. Once you serve your heart the wisdom is illuminated and you can then help transform the world at large.  You become a force to help serve the evolution of the planet, to it’s highest potential.


Through a collective of creative disciplines, PCIPDX offers people the tools to create a life of awareness, intent, and transformation.
 PCIPDX celebrates the creative spirit in all things. We consider creativity an act of greater awareness. We are here to connect the highest expressions of a multitude of disciplines, that serve us in our desire to not only transform our lives but those around us.
 PCIPDX’s programming offers many ways to begin living life at your highest potential. We offer workshops, indigenous ceremonies, lifestyle and healthy living events, culinary arts and nutrition classes, and individual healing sessions;  all are expressed in unique combinations that assist one to find their dream life and integrate it into modern culture.

 BE Healthy


 BE Wealthy


 BE Sexy


 BE WIse






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